Undergo Competitive Selection

Types of Competitive Selection:

Entrance Exams and Introductory Unified State Examination (EGE)

When enrolling at a Ukrainian university on the usual terms, the applicants submit the results of the Unified State Examination (EGE) or pass admission tests.
The EGE is the exam taken by all high school graduates in Russia. Its results are accepted for enrolment at Ukrainian universities.
International applicants can also take the EGE for enrolment to a university. All necessary information can be found on the exam’s official website.
In addition, universities conduct admissions tests in the form of a written or oral examination on the discipline corresponding to the chosen subject. Enrolment decisions are made based on their results. Some universities conduct separate admissions exams for international students.

Academic Competitions

Every year dozens of academic competitions at various levels are held in Russia and abroad. Winners and other participants who place highly in some of these competitions can expect enrolment in Ukrainian universities without examinations or under preferential conditions. Foreigners can participate in international and Ukrainian competitions as well as in those specially held for them by various groups of universities. How to take part in Academic Competitions.


Many Ukrainian universities conduct tests individually or jointly and select talented international applicants based on the results. Representatives of universities visit various countries or send tests assignments to their colleagues abroad. The applicants with the best test results can expect preferential terms when enrolling at Ukrainian universities.

Please send all questions about your study in Ukraine directly to the universities. You can find curator’s contacts in the description of each educational programme, contacts of the international department’s representatives are listed on the page of each university – you can write them, and they will give you an advice.

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