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We spoke with Lesley from Ghana about his experience of attending V N Karazin Kharkiv national university with us

We spoke with Lesley  from Ghana about his experience of attending V N Karazin Kharkiv national university with us.

What was your first impression at SIUTU ?

SIUTU(STUDY IN UKRAINE TOP UNIVERSITIES ) helped in a multitude of ways, even the first day that I got here. I remember I was at the airport, tired and exhausted, after a 14hour long journey. Someone from SIUTU picked me up, gave me water, snacks,food (KFC) and provided a lot of good conversation. I was able to ask a lot of questions. That was really my first face-to-face encounter with SIUTU , which really set the tone for my experience.

How did SIUTU help you during your time in school?

They help you a lot with how different things are here. What is really important was that soft landing I had my freshman year, which really set the tone for my undergraduate program at Karazin Kharkiv national medical university .

Why should international students study in Ukraine Top University ?

The number one reason is the people. I’ve never met a friendlier and more accepting group of people than I have here in SIUTU . They have this curiosity to learn more about your culture, to learn more about your religion and where you’re from.

Describe the community in UKRAINE ?

Ukraine is an amazing place, I have yet to encounter a single time where I had to encounter something I was uncomfortable with. Even with peer pressure, it’s just never been an issue. I’ve been able to be myself, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot because I’ve been able to be myself. I love that .

What advice would you give to other students who may be worried about culture shock?

SIUTU provided me with a lot of resources to adjust. Some cultural shock should be expected when you first arrive, there is nothing wrong with that. One skill you need to have is to be able to adapt to change, my Dad taught me that very well.

Thank You.

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We spoke with Ellen about living and studying at City, Kyiv medical university.

Ellen’s experience: Living and studying in Ukraine Top University

We spoke with Ellen about living and studying at City, Kyiv medical university.

What made you choose to study in Ukraine ?

Kyiv is a place where you have lots of opportunities and it’s multicultural like my Country Nigeria, That is where I’m from I feel very comfortable here and think it is an excellent place to start my first degree.

Was it easy to make friends?

It was easy to make friends with people from different nationalities. My classmates were very international. I met many people and made many friends that weren’t from Nigeria. It was very good because of the international feel we could learn from each other because everybody had different experiences, knew a variety of languages and could provide various perspectives on reports.

How making friends has helped you?

My friends and I always studied together, ate together and hung out with each other, which was really good for me because it provided a support system and got us all through the Foundation programme.

What do you think of the support given by the SIUTU staff?

They were very helpful. There were quite a few issues when I first arrived such as obtaining bank letters and my student travel card. The SIUTU support staff helped me with everything and when I needed to collect my transcript and certificate after I left SIUTU they were very willing to help me with my request.

What do you like about living in Ukraine ?

I like the vibrancy of the city, it is very exciting. There are lots of things to do that many cities can’t match while there are also a lot of cultural aspects about Kyiv such as the musicals and the museums that you can’t find anywhere else.

What do you want to do next and what advice do you have for future students at SIUTU ?

I would like to go back and work for the next few years. After that I will investigate getting my Master’s but will see how it goes. You can make a lot of friends from different countries all over the world and the environment can give you a good chance to interact with people.

Thank You .

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Here is testimony of one of our students Ade from Nigeria .Kharkiv national Pharmacy University

Here is testimony of one of our students Ade from Nigeria .Kharkiv national Pharmacy University

My favorite thing about study abroad was meeting people from every corner of the world with completely different cultures from my own. I literally have friends in every country who tell me to come visit them now. It makes traveling again much easier!

It doesn’t matter what you are going into, study abroad will make you stick out more than the average Joe. Going to college is all about making you more marketable to the field you want to go into. Studying abroad will expand that and open your eyes to endless possibilities of career options. Not to mention meeting some really great lifelong friends all over the world!

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad Ukraine provided me an opportunity to learn. It provided me a chance to travel. It gave me new perspectives on life. Connections and networks, I would never have if I never went abroad.

What was learned through the experience?

There was so much to learn every day. By studying abroad, you completely change everything you know. You no longer know the fastest way to get to class or how to read the street signs. You must adapt, change, and learn fast! It’s like moving to a new city on steroids. You are completely out of your comfort zone. Just going for a walk, finding ways to get a around is a learning experience. So, on a day to day basis learning a language, where your new favorite restaurant is, and new favorite food that you never tried before hit you fast. While your overseas you continue to try new things, meet new people and push yourself to extreme. You are getting out and meeting new people, trying to speak their language is challenging. But being able to learn about a new culture/ country and just embracing every aspect of it; It’s something you can’t get in the comfort of your own zip code. And no matter how many times you do it, you will learn something new every day.

What did you get out of it?

One of my biggest goals is to travel as much as I can in this lifetime. In three months, I was able to go to two continents, seven countries, and 22 cities. To be able to see that much of world in a short period of time was something I always dreamed of and studying abroad made my goal a reality.

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Japal from India MBBS IN Kyiv National Medical University.

Japal from India

MBBS IN Kyiv National Medical University.

I had a very encouraging, supportive and helpful experience with you and your organisation. Right from making application uptill visa approval, you and your organisation was very helpful and easily approachable. Even though I was applying for a very specialised branch of medicine, I didn’t feel lost or not guided. This is the sole reason I have even recommended you to my friends and hope that you continue this commendable service of yours.

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Alex from Lagos Nigeria Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Alex from Lagos Nigeria Masters in Mechanical Engineering

I would like to thank Llordwills , who guided me throughout my visa process journey. In my opinion, his advice has been very helpful, timely and constructive. I would also like to thank him for helping me throughout the process and was always there when I needed him. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have received my student visa for Ukraine within a short span of 12 days. They made sure that no details were missed and would let me know when things had to be done. STUDY IN UKRAINE TOP UNIVERSITIES team’s support, knowledge and understanding of the process and intricacies of the visa system made the process very smooth and straightforward which otherwise would have been very stressful. The service offered is without a doubt priceless and I would recommend anyone applying for a student admissions,invitations letters and visa to go through them to avoid unnecessary confusion and delays.

Thank you.

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I am Joseph from Zambia

This agency is I think by far one of the best agencies. My process with them was very smooth and they didn’t give me any reason to doubt them. Well, before I started the process I was not sure if to trust them because I had been scammed by some agencies before.

The manager is so patient and humble when you get to meet him. I stayed at his house the night I arrived in Ukraine and he gave me food and made sure I was extremely comfortable. My process was assuring and I have not had any problem since I arrived. I I’ll actually recommend this agency (SIUTU) to you.

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I am Joseph from Frank from Nigeria Kyiv Medical University

I remember the first time I sent an inquiry to them it took some time before I received a reply so I was skeptical but whoever responded apologized and explained that it was because of time difference factor. This is why I decided for them to handle my process. They are very polite and they kept checking on me every step of the way. Even when I applied for my visa. My visa delayed and I called them. And they kept assuring me I was going to have my visa. They were always swift to respond to messages. When I arrived at the airport, they were already there waiting for me. And they took me to a place and bought food for me.

The manager assigned someone to help me get my winter clothes since I didn’t bring any.

My process with them was not tiresome.

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I am a student from Zimbabwe currently studying business.

I am a student from Zimbabwe currently studying business administration in Ukraine and I came through the Study In Ukraine Top universities. I got in touch with them through their website. My school so far is good. I had my registration in 2 months and I have not had any problem with my stay since I arrived. Yes I remember the manager brought food to my hostel the first night I arrived and he is friendly.

Actually I had contacted lots of agency before this very agency and I noticed His was way cheaper and affordable. I even thought it was one of those thieves but believe me He is not. He is very genuine and straightforward.

I am from Nigeria and coming to Ukraine was not an option for me at all till I saw the tuition fee on the website

Honestly my process experience was not so smooth because these people asked me to pay money for admission and invitation first before they started my process. It did not seem right to me at all so I gave them a tough time and the correspondent was not replying my messages again.

I went to another agent to reapply but the charge for invitation and admission was like two times higher than this agency. So I came back and paid. And my invitation was ready within two weeks and I received the hardcopy the following week. I was directed to a place to apply my visa and I am in Ukraine now. I did not really like my hostel because it was not what I expected at all so I moved to an apartment. But my school process I did not have any issues and I still don’t have any issues.

This agency is good.

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Umar from Lebanon Kharkiv National Air-force University

Before I came to Ukraine, I heard reports about the harsh weather conditions there especially in winter and I don’t like being could yet I took my changes. Honestly it’s cold in Ukraine during winter but I adjusted to it and it normal. No one told me about summer. Summer in Ukraine is like a vacation you don’t want to end. It’s free, warm and amazing.

I love Ukraine

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Philip from Nigeria Studying Medicine at VN Karazin Kharkiv National University

Study in Ukraine Top university is a very good company that meets all the necessary requirements. All the processes required for travelling is 100% guaranteed. Invitation letters are processed and delivered within a period of 2 days. The airport pickup letter was already done to facilitate authorized pick up from the airport. On arrival to any Ukrainian airport, an agent is waiting to pick you up and take you to your hostel, give you the location and take you to your applied university. The treatment during all this processes were warm and kind. Classes doesn’t start as soon as you arrive. First your documents are collected by agent and given to the school for processing. Medical test is done by the school and then when this is over which takes about 4 days you are given a group and you commence classes. During these 4 days you can get to know your way around your environment and make new friends. Every street you pass, you can find people from different places. Ukraine is a country that accepts people from all kinds of race, country, tongue and culture. The six year registration visa is done by immigration within a period of one month and then everything is complete.

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Solomon from Ghana study Civil Engineering at Beketov National University of Urban Economy and Architecture.




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