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Admiral Makarov National University Of Shipbuilding


The Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (NUS) is a leading higher educational institution in Ukraine which prepares experts for ship-building and industry and national economy allied industries.

At the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding on a contract basis study citizens of the United States of America, Federal Republic of Germany, the People’s Republic of China, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Iran, Pakistan, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, Libya, India, Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Nigeria, Cameroon, Guinea, Kenya and the CIS countries – Russia, Belorussia, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and others.
In NUS are conditions not only for studying, but also for substantial leisure, development of natural talents and abilities of foreign students. In territory of all buildings of the university and in specialized computer classes is free Internet (Wi-Fi) for simplification of contacts with families of foreign students. The quantity of the foreign citizens who wish to study at our university constantly increases.
 Training of qualified professionals for different industries: at Bachelors, Masters, Post-Graduate students, and also Scientists – Candidates and Doctors of Sciences levels.

Listing Details

Acronym – NUS
Accreditation – IV
Status – National(State Owened)
Established – 1920
Departments – 23
Teaching staff – >300 (68 doctors of sciences, professors, 256 candidates of science)
Students trained – Over 15000
Shipbuilding and Ocean Technologies  Ships and Ocean Technologies
Ship Power Plants and Equipment
Welding Welding Technology and Equipment
Engineering Material Studies Composites and Powder Materials, Coatings
Aircraft and Rocket Construction. Design and Production of the Composite Products
Software Engineering. Software for Automation Systems
Computer Science Information Management Systems and Technologies
Heat Power Engineering. Heat Power Engineering
Power Mechanical Engineering. Turbines
Refrigerating Machinery and Sets
Engineering Mechanics. Mechanical Engineering Technology
Mechanical Engineering. Internal Combustion Engines
Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Nature Management. Ecology and Environmental Protection
Electromechanics. Electrical Systems and Complexes of Transport Facilities
Automation Electromechanical Systems and Electric Drive  
Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technologies. High-Voltage Technology and Electrophysics
Instrument Engineering. Instruments of the Precision Mechanics
Electronic Devices and Systems Electronic Systems
System Engineering. Control and Automatic Systems
Computer-Aided Engineering. Specialized Computer Systems
Technical Information Security Systems. Information Security with Restricted Access and Automation of Information
Economics of an Enterprise. Economics of an Enterprise
Audit and Accounting. Audit and Accounting
Finance and Credits. Finance
Management. Management of Enterprises
Law. Law
Design. Design
Philology. Applied Linguistics

Olympic and  Professional Sports

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