Prepare your Document Package

How to submit your documents:
  • Initial Application indicating the desired area of study and your level of education;
  • Official submission of documents to the university after your arrival in Ukraine.
Initial Application
Copy of a document

detailing your education (diploma, transcript), listing subjects studied and grades achieved (with translation into Ukrainian)

Copy of identification
Completed form

(as required)

All documents must be translated into Ukrainian and duly certified (notarised or certified at a consular department of an embassy)

You can obtain the complete list of documents and the procedure for certification at UA offices (or embassies) in your country or universities.

Official Submission of Documents at the University
Application for admission

 indicating chosen subject and form of study

Document confirming your identity and citizenship

 (original and notarised translation into Ukrainian)

An education certificate

 indicating subjects studied subjects and grades (original and notarised translation into Ukrainian)

Statement on standard medical form

 indicating no contraindications for studying in Ukraine, with note on results of HIV test (or medical certificate).


in specified form.

At the first stage it is usually sufficient to provide certified and translated copies of an identification card and education certificates. At the second stage (after your arrival in Ukraine), you need to bring the originals of the documents and additional certificates to the selection committee of the university.

Get more information about the documents required at each stage by contacting:

  • International offices of universities (if you are enrolling independently);
  • Ukrainian embassy in your country (if you are participating in competitive selection for a government scholarship).

In most cases, documents require certification in the applicant’s home country. Applicants from some countries will also have to go through a procedure of recognition of their diplomas or certificates in Ukraine. 

You can obtain a medical certificate in your home country. The most important thing is that it must be valid in Ukraine (translated and certified) and meet the requirements of your university. In a number of cases, certificates provided during application for a student visa are suitable. The certificate may be also obtained upon arrival in the Ukraine (Form 086).  

Please send all questions about your study in Ukraine directly to the universities. You can find curator’s contacts in the description of each educational programme, contacts of the international department’s representatives are listed on the page of each university – you can write them, and they will give you an advice.