Odessa State Agrarian University

Odessa State Agrarian University

Today  Odessa State Agrarian University  is a leading  educational-methodical and scientific center, offering training of qualified personnel for various sectors of agricultural production in southwestern part of the Black Sea.

 The actual chronology of institution starts from the beginning of 1918 – the year of establishment and the official opening of the Odessa Agricultural Institute (OAI). 30.01.1918 in the newspaper  “the Odessa leaf”  was published: “Odessa has enriched itself by one more major value – High society agricultural Institute, that was opened by local agricultural sector society of Southern Russia.”

In 2001 OAI was reorganized into the Odessa State Agrarian University (OSAU).

Now  OSAU  is accredited as a higher education institution of the IV level and actively working to create conditions for the realization of inexhaustible potential of students so that each of them could take its rightful place and respect in society.

For prospective students who want to become students of our university, we offer a range of training areas for the three-stage system of bachelor-specialist-master and postgraduate await those who wish to devote themselves to science.

 The university includes 20 departments that operate at 4 faculties.

 In addition, the learning process at the university is devided into three general departments: Ukrainian and foreign languages; philosophy, history and political science; BC and physical education. In OSAU teaching is effectuated by leading experts in their field, including 225 professors and associate professors, doctors and candidates of sciences.

 All the majors except veterinary medicine specialists are being taught full-time and by distance learning; all specialties training carried out by the basic directions and the specialties of accounting and auditing, Land Management and Cadastre – retraining for other professions.

 On University Internet site you can find information about all spheres of our university life. Here you can learn the history of its formation and development, structure, learn about up-to-date achievements of the team of teachers and students and get useful information, that will help you in choosing future profession.

Listing Details

Acronym – OSAU
Accreditation – IV
Status – State Owened
Established – 1918
Departments – 23


Odessa State Agrarian University invites students of 11th grade graduates of secondary schools and graduates of past years who wish to deepen their knowledge and prepare for the EIT in mathematics, Ukrainian language and literature, biology, geography, chemistry and physics using standard tests for external evaluation 2017 courses.

Graduates of the preparatory office for the competitive score extra points are awarded for admission and other benefits provided for reception conditions for admission to universities in Ukraine and rules of admission for admission to ODAU. Groups of small-size to 15 students. Classes are held on friday from 1600 to 1930 and Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00.

October start Classes – November as the complete group. Apprenticeship 7 months.


Odessa State Agrarian University and Department for work with foreign nationals, according to the valid license issued by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, are actively cooperating with the foreigners, that wishing to receive an invitation for study, to undergo language training for admission and begin studies at the University.

Training is carried out according to the legislation of Ukraine, study plans, agreed by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, education standards and is based on General secondary education of foreign citizens for obtaining a bachelor, and in some cases – and educational-qualification levels of foreign citizens wishing to obtain a master’s degree and specialist.

For admission to preparatory Department students chosen priority field of study: engineering, technical, or humanitarian.

A foreigner, who have completed language training OSAU, fluent Ukrainian and Russian and has a high level of basic knowledge for entering higher educational  institutions in various areas (specialties).

Objectives of Department on work with foreign citizens – comprehensive and multidirectional support foreign students, that will gain knowledge in Odessa state agrarian University.


In addition, Department provides primary information about the University, directions training of foreign citizens, advises about documents for admission to OSAU, provides support and assistance in the preparation of documents for foreigners, and prepares status of the foreign citizen on the territory of Ukraine for the purpose of study in OSAU, and registers students in the Department on Affairs of citizenship, immigration and registration of persons interior Ministry of Ukraine in Odessa region. The Department for work with foreign citizens also provides advice and support to foreign students throughout the academic year.

Have already expressed a desire to study in OSAU on language study and basic accredited directions (specialties) of the foreign students from more than 25 countries, and the number of applicants is constantly increasing.
Department conducts active measures to attract new students to study in the University. On the basis of Department work with foreign citizens preparatory Department, subject to the successful completion of which students receive a certificate. The certificate gives the right to be referred to the first year of University. The Department has 11 teachers. The chief of Department on work with foreign citizens Osipova Alexandra Pavlovna always sensitive and respectful to students, organizes their leisure. Thanks to the productive  work of the students are very quickly integrated into the life, discover and learn about Ukrainian culture and local color. So, were organized excursions to Odessa catacombs and to the attractions of our city. On the initiative of foreigners, regularly held cultural events.
During the study at the preparatory Department are held open classes, in which students study folklore.
Department on work with foreign citizens concerned about the rights, freedoms and duties stipulated required by law of Ukraine, providing informational support in matters related to conditions of learning, stay, entry and exit from Ukraine.

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