Kyiv Medical University UAFM

Kyiv Medical University UAFM

Kyiv medical university of UAFM with an idea to inculcate the principles of alternate medicine in the conventional medical world was established in the year 1992, by Dr. PokanevichValeriy (1950-2012) is one of the best institutes for medical education in Ukraine. The university has been outperforming many other institutes located in the country holds a special department of Research and Innovation with a simple goal of implementing all the modern training methods into the conventional medical education system to reach the aspired goal of training excellent clinicians.

KMU aims at maintaining a reputation of teaching with a difference. The rare specialty of combining the basics of Folk medicine with conventional medicine makes our specialists have an edge over all other health professionals in the world. The University has been constantly working on combining principles of evidence based medicine and Practical based learning in the traditional European curriculum to give that added advantage to our students.

The University enjoys pardonable pride in being the only institute in Ukraine with a program that allows the student to have hands on practical training in the best private health care establishments in the country. KMU IS the only university in the country to have a unique practice of making its students undergo part time training in Germany or Poland.

The university has more than 200 qualified lecturers and famous scientists to train the future doctors along with highly qualified departmental heads who are well know experts in their fields:

  • Dental Surgery Department headed by Tymofejev O
  • Department of Therapeutic Dentistry is headed by Professor Doroshenko SI who is known for implementation of the most effective methods of traditional medicine in dentistry in Ukraine
  • Surgery Department is headed by Professor V. Skiba who is a famous surgeon with a worldwide reputation
  • Department of tuberculosis is headed by Professor V. Melnik
  • Other departments are headed by well know scientists like professor of talc VI, VESELOVSKY ZF, Harnik TP, humpback VA, tops SG and others.
How To Apply/ Get Invitation

The admission process in our university consists of the following steps.

Step 1- Application
For an application to be processed it should be made abiding with the dates mentioned above and must comprise of required documents as mentioned below:

  • 1. Complete application form. (download here)
  • 2. International Passport.
  • 3. Scanned passport sized photograph.
  • 4. Proof of educational proficiency i.e A higher secondary/ A level or equivalent examination pass certificate with marksheet with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English as compulsory subjects and with a minimum of no less than 65% aggregate marks.
  • 5. Date of birth certificate.
  • 6. Any other education documents if available.
  • 7. A personal data use consent form.(download here)

Once complete the application can be submitted either online or at

Step 2
Conditional Offer Letter- On successful processing of the application and its acceptance by our admissions committee a student shall subsequently be issued an Conditional offer letter of acceptance.

Step 3
Accepting the offer- An admission offer issued shall be deemed accepted by the student when the university shall received 10% of the tuition fee in the university bank account as security deposit for issuance of invitation.

Step 4
The invitation letter- On completion of step 3 a student will be issued an invitation to study which the original shall be sent to the student/representative.

Step 5
Applying for visa- Once the original invitation is received the student needs to apply in the respective Embassy of Ukraine and submit their application for obtaining student visa. Further information for visa requirements can be attained for respective embassy website/representative.

Step 6
Arrival in Ukraine- Once the student gets the visa the student must send us copy of visa and his return ticket for us to arrange meet and greet at the airport.

International Cooperation

international medical university

International Department of the Kyiv medical university of UAFM establishes and develops international relations and international cooperation in the field of medical Research with Universities, educational institutions, foreign citizens, research institutions, international organizations, foundations and others.

The university organized following events with a motive to give boost to international relations and tie-ups:

    1. Nyon (Switzerland) – Vitkovska SV (Acting Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry) – completion of EMS, based on treatment and prevention of diseases.
    1. Montreux (Switzerland) – Harnik TP (MD, Professor, Head of herbal medicine, homeopathy, medicine bioenerhoinformatsiynoyi) – Participationand presentation of report on “Status of Traditional Medicine in Ukraine” in international medical forum.
    1. Moscow (Russian Federation) – Kniazevych (Rector of the Kiev Medical University UAFM) – participated in the IV International Medical Congress “Zdravohranenye, the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Europe.”
    1. Karlsruhe (Germany) – AY Senchuk (MD, Professor, Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology) – participated in the scientific conference “Current issues of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Operative Gynecology “.
    1. Tokyo (Japan) – Politun (MD, Professor, Head of dentistry) – Participation in International Endodontic Congress as a speaker.
    1. Almaty (Kazakhstan) – Yakubov II (Acting Department of Pediatric Dentistry and therapeutic prevention of dental diseases) – participated in the XI Congress of Dental Limited.
    1. Zagreb (Croatia) – ZD Skrypnyck (Vice-Rector, Head of Normal Physiology, Biophysics, Medical Biology and Biochemistry) – participation in scientific seminar on Inform.
    1. Moscow (Russian Federation) – Politun (MD, Professor, Head of dentistry) – Participation in the III Congress of the Russian endodontic.
    1. Vienna (Austria) – Kniazevych (Rector UANM CMU) – Participation in the International Seminar “The availability of opioid analgesics for pain relief in Eastern Europe and Asia.”
  1. Macau (China) – Pokanevych Alexander V. (CMU President UANM) – participated in the second inter-regional seminar WHO registration and licensing practices of folk and alternative medicine.
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