January 26, 2017

Ken fred (Qatar) – Study in School of Arts (Ukraine)

1) The history and art of Ukraine are impressive. If you had asked me about art before going to Ukraine, I would have said, “ehh it’s ok”. Ask me now, and I will tell you all that I know about European art, especially the work by Gaudi. I would never have called myself an art enthusiast before going abroad, but now, I love art! My turning point was learning about art in Ukraine.

2) The friends I made are lifelong. We all shared one of the key personality traits that I need in a friend: adventurous. Each and every person I met, had plans to do and see things and to enjoy their time however that meant to them. But in all, we shared a magical experience that no one else will quite understand. We stayed up all night to see the sunrise from the Bunkers, ate potatoes chips every day for a snack, flew cheap flights at 6am, found local festivals to attend, bought more souvenirs then we could really bring home, etc.

Overall, I was very impressed with my study abroad experience