January 26, 2017

Anita (Ghana) – Study in Marketing University (Ukraine)

From Ukraine and to Germany to Denmark, Ukraine has taken me to places I could’ve only dreamed of seeing. I’ve been lucky enough to do a study abroad “three-peat” in incredibly different and beautiful places, gleaning lessons of personal, professional, and of course educational nature. As a freshman, my trip to Beijing opened my eyes to how broad the world of business really is. where I learned the value of hard work as I saw classroom concepts play out in real time. It was during these 4 years away from home that I also learned more about myself and my goals; it became clearer that I wasn’t quite done in Europe. Taking architecture, urban studies, and philosophy classes has given me a broader sense of the other worlds of learning taking place around me besides business. I plan on carrying my lessons of cultural appreciation, professional conduct, and general curiosity and passion for learning with me back to the classroom and my future places of work.