Climate in Ukraine

Ukranian spring

Climate in Ukraine

Ukranian summer

Climate in Ukraine

Ukranian autumn

Climate in Ukraine

Ukranian Winter

The Climate in Ukraine

The climate of Ukraine is moderate. Summer is hot and dry with occasional rains and thunderstorms. Winter is rather mild without severe frosts but with snow-falls everywhere. The rivers and lakes freeze in winter. Ukraine is rather a big country, that’s why its climate is different in various regions of it. Of course, the hottest region is in the South. In the central part of the country the climate is moderate and continental. The climate on the territory along the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov is warmer. The Crimean and the Carpathian mountains protect the country from winds. The coldest part is that in the North and in the North-east.

And now let’s characterize every season of the year in our country in general. Autumn is warm at the beginning but later it gets placed, it often rains. Winter sets in December with its cold and heavy snow-falls and winds. The average temperature is about 15 – 20 degrees below zero. But it often happens that winters are mild and rainy and this is the most unpleasant time.

In spring the weather is changeable. It may be cold and windy, sunny and rainy on one and the same day. In summer the weather is usually warm, sometimes hot and dry. The temperature is about 25 – 30 degrees above zero. The warmest months are July and August.

They say the climate in Ukraine like anywhere else is getting milder coming with every year. In the last few years all the scientists agree that something very serious is happening to the climate and weather of Ukraine and the whole world. It depends on many reasons.

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