Tuition fees in Ukraine 2019-2020

MOST POPULAR COURSES ENGLISH MEDIUM RUSSIAN OR UKRAINIAN MEDIUM HOSTEL FEE PER YEAR Duration MEDICINE $4300/Yr.-$4500 $3700/Yr. $500/Yr. 6 Years PHARMACY $3800/Yr. $3500/Yr. $500/Yr. 5 Years DENTISTRY $4400/Yr. $3900/Yr. $500/Yr. 5 Years NURSING $3750/Yr.   $500/Yr. 4 Years PETROLEUM ENGINEERING $2500/Yr. $1800/Yr. $500/Yr. 4 Years PETROLEUM ECONOMICS & MANAGEMENT $2500/Yr. […]

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PhD Program In Ukraine

PhD Program In Ukraine is of a statutory duration of four years. It gives students personal research experience and the opportunity to produce an original scientific contribution of high academic quality which often ends up being published. Throughout their studies, these young researchers work in personalised conditions and have access […]

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PG Program

Offers the study in 55 medical specialties at internship, mastership and clinical internship. At the department of Ukraine medical universities , along with the traditional ways of teaching, there is also a module study, and a through out program of students’ practice. Constantly developing base of computerized equipment gives the possibility to use modern PC know-how […]

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PG-MD-MS in Ukraine

PG MEDICINE SPECIALISATION MS/MD IN UKRAINE Postgraduates in Ukraine are taught in English and Russian according to the programs and curricula approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. We take into consideration and peculiarities of public health services of the state trainees come from. The duration of the post […]

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10 Most romantic places in Ukraine

10. THE SCULPTURES ALLEY IN KYIV The Sculptures Alley is called the kindest place in the capital, and it’s indeed the case: probably no person ever passed it without a smile. The alley was built in 1980s by the architect Avraam Miletsky. In 2009 it started to grow with the […]

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