Arrival In Ukraine

Recommended International Airports in Ukraine : Kyiv-Borispol (IATA code: KBP), Odessa (IATA code: ODS), Dnepropetrovsk (IATA code: DNK)

The student must be sure of bringing all Payments and Documents mentioned below otherwise, Ukraine Immigration Authority can refuse him/ her Entry and DEPORT back to his/ her country

The student must bring full Tuition fee, accommodation fee and other charges (Cash or Travel Cheques) mentioned in Courses & Costs for chosen program/ university. The student is questioned by airport Immigration Authorities about Tuition fee and other charges. The student must bring some extra money for personal keep up. Please visit Living Costs for more information.

The student must bring all documents returned from Embassy of Ukraine with visa.

Migration card must be filled in by the student on arrival to Ukraine and kept saved during the stay in Ukraine . The student must produce it to Immigration Authorities when returning home or travel somewhere

All what you need to understand and to bring to Ukraine while arriving.
1) Make sure you come with your full school fees
2) Make sure your hostel fees is full
3) Make sure you come with your pocket fees
4) Make sure you bring along at least cloth and shoes that you will wear pending the time to arrive in Ukraine and buy new one , in case of cold period .
5) Make sure you come with food stuffs that that you can eat for the mail time to adapt to Ukrainian food.

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