Accommodation In Ukraine

Universities in Ukraine has a wide variety of accommodation largely within walking distance of the main University area in the city Centre.


We guarantee an offer of university accommodation to:

  • All our International students coming for the full year

We cannot guarantee to provide you with precisely the type of accommodation you might prefer.

In Ukraine, there is a wide choice of hotels and hostels. Their quality depends on their standard but usually you will meet a very good or good quality, with TV, bathroom and other facilities in the room. There also hostels available. Accommodation in hotels or hostels is still generally lower than in Western Europe. Hotels in the center of big cities are the most expensive.

Some examples of average prices per month:

  • Rent in a shared flat –  120$ – 200$
  • Transportation (in big cities) –  15-20$
  • Telephone/mobile, Internet, 12- 75$
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